Real Estate

Small Condo/home Starting at $150 (up to 15 images)
Normal sized home (2500sqft) Starting at $250    (up to 25 images
Large Homes (4000 sqft and larger) Starting at $350 + $8.00/image over 30 images

Prices are based on location and can go higher depending on distance travelled.  Standard prices include properties within 25 miles of Woodinville.  There will be an additional trip charge for properties outside the normal area.

Services (basic)
Depending on the size of the home, We usually end up with at least 25+ images for an average sized home of the exterior and interior plus yard if applicable using professional equipment and lighting.  All images are transferred via DropBox or WeTransfer and can be downloaded to your own personal computer or device.  The NWMLS now allows up to 40 images so pricing depends on the amount of images.

Basic image processing utilizing Lightroom and Photoshop is included to ensure excellent quality of each photo including:  Straightening, color adjustments and basic cleanup so things look as clear and bright as possible. Basic blue sky and lawn enhancements are also included if needed.

Turnaround time is usually within 24 hours.

Additional Services:  

Drone Photography – Prices may vary depending on the shoot.  If incorporated in the shoot itself, prices start at $100. Stand alone drone photography starting at $145

Community photos can be also arranged.  We have several areas already taken.  Fees for these photos run $10 each or $100 for the entire community (15-20)

Video Tours – Property video of the exterior and interior including narration and branding for non-mls media.  Prices starting at $450 including exterior and interior shots

Virtual Tours – Slide motion unbranded tours with music are available starting at $75

Twilight shots are also available and costs are per assignment.  Cost varies depending on location starting at $145

Special shoots of areas can also be provided, prices vary.

Web gallery and MLS uploads are also available upon request.

References gladly supplied upon request.

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